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Footium is a multiplayer football management game where players own and manage a digital football club


Build a football institution

Manage your players, set tactics, and scout the transfer market for upcoming superstars. Lead your team to glory and build a footballing dynasty

Irthert City

Become a mastermind tactician

Influence every part of your side’s style of play with advanced tactics. Will you play tiki-taka football or long balls up to the target man?

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Scout the transfer market

Want to buy and develop the next wunderkind or do you need an experienced head at the back? Head to the transfer market and acquire players from other clubs, or sell players that you want to offload

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Each club has its own unique fanbase

Your club has its own fanbase which has special attributes that influence how they behave during games

spallet city

Bills-up Rovers

The Bills-up Rovers supporters are famous for being loyal and sometimes continue to follow their team through hard times.

spallet city

Sawelem Villa

The Sawelem Villa supporters have been known to launch projectiles towards the the opposition supporters.

spallet city

Uxbord Athletic

Their fans are considered well behaved and sometimes get outsung by the opposition fans.

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Compete for glory and win in-game and monetary prizes

Matches take place daily, with in-game and monetary rewards on the line. Whether your team is in Division 8 or Division 1, there are plenty of prizes to be won!

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Produce world class talent in your academy

Influence every part of your side’s style of play with advanced tactics. Will you play tiki-taka football or long balls up to the target man?

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Build your squad

With more than 20 dynamic attributes, players can range from pacy wingers and targetman forwards, to workhorse midfielders and towering centre-backs.

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Build your dream Stadium

Increase your stadium capacity by climbing the divisions and performing well in cups

football stadium

Make history and become a Footium legend!

Lead your team to glory and make history in the world of Footium

Masham Park

Masham Park

League Winners

Masham Park clinched victory in the dying minutes of the game to win the match and win the league!

spallet city

Billes Wanderers

Guzman Signs

Billes Wanderers have today announced the signing of Legendary Player Charlie Guzman

Spallet City

Spallet City

Cup Finalist

Spallet City defeated Searke 4-2 to reach the finals of the tournament

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